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Kroazhent, the band

// Frédéric Boussange > bombard, traditionnal oboe,
// Jean-Jacques Jaffrédo > bombard, biniou, gaïta, bodhran and tin whistle,
// Philippe Carré > Irish flute,

// Stéphane Pointeaux > electric and acoustic guitars, loop programming,
// Jean-François Pasquier > bass guitar,
// Marco Burian > drums,
// Antoine Morelon > sound engineer on stage, recording, mixing.

Kroazhent, some elements of biography

// Since 2007, the group has been developing the urban side of its culture by working programmed rhythms, mixing electronic sounds and ethnic percussions. The guitar becomes exclusively electric and gradually abandons its rhythmic role for tablecloths and post-rock atmosphere.

// The live album [war an hent], released in late summer 2008, is the culmination of this approach.

// In August 2011, an EP 6 titles released to celebrate the 15 years of stage including 3 titles of the future album, and 3 titles of the previous - partially re-recorded and completely remixed - this CD pushes even further the heaviness of its Rhythms and the power of his guitars. An exercise without concessions, the culmination of work done in recent years.

// Capital(e) goes out in August 2013 and sees the participation of many guests (Guichen Brothers, Gab Faure, Erwan Quintin, Le 4P, Céline Archambeau...).

// Following the production of this EP and the album that follows, Kroazhent evolves again, re-integrating a drummer into his ranks in the person of Marco Burian, old fellow Stéphane.
In autumn 2012, Coralie (Tornaod), integrated the group, bringing new influences and sounds.

// In 2015, the year of Kroazhent's 20th anniversary, a best-of-the-best with the best tracks of the group's career, as well as a new track recorded for the occasion with the current members.

// In 2019, Coralie (violin) left the band to develop her solo project with Louarnika, "Horolaj Loar", album with Scandinavian, Breton and Celtic folk influences.

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