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Energetic and enthusiastic, Kroazhent distills a repertory to dance (gavotte, an dro, plinn, scottish, valse...) at the same time rock and traditional, quality of the trad' current music. The band's music combines the power of Breton instruments (bombard, biniou), the jazzy melody of a flute, rock influences (guitar, bass guitar) supported by drums and programmed rhythms, mixing electronic sounds and ethnic percussion.

From small local festoù-noz to international festivals, Kroazhent's music has blossomed on more than 300 stages, experimenting with new ideas and new instruments, always driven by the pleasure of dancing !




We were there :



Kann Al Loar, Cirque d'Hiver


Fête des vieux gréements de Douarnenez

Yn Chruinaght (Isle of Man)


Festival Interceltique de Lorient


Breizh touch, Yaouank, Le Divan du Monde


Festival Celtique du Gründ (Luxembourg)


Fek Festival (Pedavena - Italy)

Roches Celtiques, Celtic Strings Festival (Germany)


...and many concerts in Paris and elsewhere !

Kroazhent or "crossroads"


Let's see our last gig in Festival Interceltique of Lorient on August 2018.

Reportage France 3 Bretagne
Lire la vidéo

All information on Tour Dates, or on the group's Facebook page.

A best-of recounting the 20 year career of the group with numerous guests, as well as a special track recorded for this occasion.

Good listening !


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